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John Butler Trio - Flesh & Blood CD

John Butler Trio - Flesh & Blood CD

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Recorded at The Compound, Butler’s studio in Fremantle (Australia), FLESH & BLOOD took a mere 20 days to record and though beautifully structured in sonic terms there is a rawness and honesty to the album that reflects the brevity of its laying down. “There’s something really exciting about that moment when you’re writing a song and it’s flowing and you stand back and look at it and hear it and feel like it explains things that you’ve been trying to explain all your life, or it expresses something that feels universal,” Butler says.

Of the approach, Butler says “We wanted the grooves to get deeper and thicker and as a songwriter I wanted the songs to be a lot more guttural and fleshier. I wanted to smell it and feel it a bit more. And my voice to be more convincing.”

Track List:

1. Spring To Come
2. Livin’ In The City
3. Cold Wind
4. Bullet Girl
5. Devil Woman
6. Blame It On Me
7. Only One
8. Young And Wild
9. Wings Are Wide
10. How You Sleep At Night
11. You’re Free
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