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  • The Word - Soul Food Vinyl
    Item #: VZLP32
    180 gram, gatefold double LP

    Side A:
    You Brought The Sunshine
    When I See The Blood
    Swamp Road

    Side B:
    Early In The Moanin' Time
    New Word Order
    Chocolate Cowboy
    The Highest

    Side C:
    Soul Food I & II

    Side D:
    Play all Day
    Come By Here
    The Twins
    Glory Glory
    • $24.00
  • The Word - Soul Food CD
    Item #: VZCD125
    Featuring: John Medeski, North Mississippi Allstars and Robert Randolph

    Track List:
    1. New Word Order
    2. Come By Here
    3. When I See The Blood
    4. Play All Day
    5. Soul Food I
    6. Soul Food II
    7. You Brought The Sunshine
    8. Early In The Moanin' Time
    9. Swamp Road
    10. Chocolate Cowboy
    11. The Highest
    12. Speaking In Tongues
    13. Glory Glory

    • $9.99